PCP is a WORLDWIDE firm of In-house General Counsels, whom International Companies or even smaller Companies retain as their In-house Counsel, without having to bring any physical In-house Legal Counsel to sit inside your office. Thanks to the Internet, the same can happen for you more economically these days. But, before we take in new clients, there must first be a face to face meeting, to establish professional rapport, no matter where you are located on the planet. Thus, no need to employ In-house Legal Counsel on staff, and pay those corporate fringe benefits, such as housing, pensions, company car, and other Labor related entanglements, being a noose for any corporate neck. The perfect solution for Oil Companies, Shipping Companies or Network Marketing Companies, with networks that naturally cross jurisdictional boundaries.


PCP works for companies worldwide on retainer, and in special circumstances with leave of Court, can even appear for you in Court in matters to do with your company such as Tax, Labor matters or any challenges that your company may have with the Government or a Private Plaintiff's, on a WORLDWIDE basis. It’s Economical, efficient and unlike hiring outside law firms who are constrained to only operate within jurisdictional boundaries, PCP can serve you beyond State or Country boundaries as your In-house Counsel. This is why PCP stays with you for at least a year, to make sure you succeed through whatever plight you may have and don’t just work on a “bill per job” basis to give you a quick fix and say goodbye.


Thus, PCP are in for the long haul and DON’T "take your profits for the Quick fix" and just move on. The minimum period to hire PCP is one year, which can be renewed annually as many clients do. After an initial Client/PCP meeting, a contract is signed with a minimal acceptance fee paid, then a set minimal monthly retainer is paid to PCP at the end of each month, and you then have your own private In-house General Counsel on board virtually right inside your company, TODAY ready to combat any legal challenges you may have; without going through the hiring and background checking thing. Where else can you get legal help on board today at, say, Hong Kong, then in Dubai or America tomorrow etc?






Off-shore companies with off-shore bank accounts for legitimate operations, without the need for any bank interview if done through PCP on retainer.

You got that legal problem which could bring your company to a stand still?  Why not give PCP a try now. Tell us your problem or what you need, and get our response within 24 hours. Confidentiality is assured strictly to you and no one else.


(initial responses given are free)

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